The answer to the title of this post may surprise you!

Most people before making a major decision or forming relationships with people do a little research...and some do not.  I wanted to share this video with all of my readers today to show you.....well, see for yourself. It has a POWERFUL message!

We all have different ways of "trusting people" and forming relationships with people and opinions.  The business that I am in...well, it's like a family to me.  "How can this be?" is what many may say. Most people go to work, hating what they do, or not knowing WHY they do what they do.  Ask someone sometime...just try it.

Say, "Hi, What do you do?"...they will tell you....then ask "how is that done?"...they will tell you, but most likely they won't know WHY they, or the company do what they do.  They may have a small FRACTURE of the answer, but not the FULL BLOWN real intention of it's purpose.

I am very lucky to be a part of a community where I LOVE what I do, as it has a purpose.  We are a part of a community.  When I go to events, I make NEW friends each and every time.

Do you know what online business is TRULY about?  It's about PEOPLE and forming relationships with people.  Take a look for yourself, and SEE....I am part of a WONDERFUL community of people who have a same belief and KNOW their purpose.

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Why have a blog and what is it's true purpose?


I often get asked why people should have a blog and what purpose would it serve them.  My answer is many things and in today's post, I will cover them.

I truly believe that a blog is a personal reflection of YOU and your thoughts, opininons and more.  It shows your readers your true expressions, thoughts, opinions and feelings about different matters.

Let's say for instance you have a hobby that you are passionate could blog about that.  Yes, other people may have the same blog subject, but, again, who can honestly be just like you?  NOBODY. You are unique with your own views and opinions.  What about local news?  Many times I have seen controversial opinions about different subjects in the news.  What's your opinion on them?  How do they make you feel?

Maybe you are a single mom who would love to share your kaotic story of your everyday life.  Yes, some see that as personal, others see that as a STORY and they can relate to you on a more personal level.

What purpose would a blog serve for a business?

This too, is a common question that I get.  People don't understand how they could use a blog to market their brand, increase their customers, expand beyond their local market and create more business, sales, and/or more potential future sales.

Let's examine this a bit more in depth, shall we?

  • A blog is constantly updated with new fresh content. (A website does not serve the same purpose or get the same amount of attention as a blog through the eyes of google.)
  • A blog lets your readers / potential customers express their thoughts on your products...good and that you know what your customers want.
  • A blog lets you provide valuable tips about your product and / or review other products

Getting more into depth on this, when people realize they need a blog, or could share their ideas in the world to express themselves or increase their business I get asked what kind of blog should I have?  Can't I get a free one from blogger or from wordpress?

Well, yes, in fact you can, however from my personal experience a blog can take a very long time to rank and be found in the search engines if you do not know what you are doing, and even THEN it could take you a very long time.  Knowing the marketing skills in depth and what it takes to get a blog up and running COULD possibly take you HOURS or even weeks.

I remember when I first started online with a blog.  I spent hours setting it up, trying to get readers to it, putting tons of content into it on a regular basis.  Then, one day, as I continued to try to "improve" my blog by adding more "fancy bells and whistles" (otherwise known as plugins for wordpress)...I crashed my OWN blog.  It was so frustrating....all that content and time spent on it.....GONE. I had been HACKED. I couldn't even get into my OWN blog.  Back then, there weren't as many "resources" availble to figure out the problem as there are now.  Within a week after looking over tons of code that I had to SUDDENLY learn to read and understand, I found the problem and was luckily able to save it.  For some, without that knowledge, your content can be lost forever.  The platform that I am using now to blog on is always protected, and it simply CANNOT be persay "BROKEN"  and I can go on about my day not worrying about the technical side of things.

If you are a blogger, or would like to consider sharing your thoughts and opinions online by starting a blog and want to turn your passions into cash by writing about them  click here to find out how.

Many people seem to think that having a wordpress blog alone will do it and they can get by with the "FREE" version.  Well, like the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  Many professional marketers will measure their success by seeing where their blog ranks in the WORLD on a site called ALEXA.COM.  This site will measure all the success of the blog by the number of visits, readers, subscribers and so much more.  Basically, it can "dissect" your blog down to the nuts and bolts and rank it with all the other blogs out there online.

Personally, I would rather START with a higher ranking blogging platform and take the "shortcut" to getting my blog ranked higher in the search engines.  Starting from the bottom again...well let's just say the short road sounds a lot better to me.

Next, I often get asked how people can make money with their blog on this platform that I am using right now as you read this post. 

Well, here's a GREAT place for you to learn all about it, and for as little as $7 for a limited time so that you can TRY the system out.  It's called the IPAS SUCCESS FORMULA which will teach even the newest beginner the steps to make money online.

Through this system I was able to learn to take ANY business online and market it to its full potential and make money while I was learning.  My friend Chris will show you how it works when you CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED TODAY.

Please leave your comments below on your thoughts!  I would love to hear from you.

What are your biggest struggles with blogging? (comment below)  Were you aware that it's good to have a blog? (comment below on your thoughts)

To your online success,

Teresa Keiser (connect with me on Facebook)


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Looking for a FREE and EASY Tool to make your cover photos and collages?

I have had many people come to me asking me how I have made my Facebook cover photo, and some of the graphics that they see.  I personally use Photoshop as I am experienced in that and feel I have more control over it.  Although, I favor this tool the most, it doesn't mean that everyone has to use it.

There are many tools online to create these types of things, without going to fiverr or hiring a graphic designer.  If you have some time to just sit and learn it for a few minutes it can be quite easy.

Today, my training is on how to use a tool called PizAp.  With this FREE picture editing tool you can create photo collages, special pictures, website headers, funny pictures and so much more.  (Even that YouTube or Facebook Header you have been wanting!)

So, enjoy today's training and please do comment below with your thoughts.


There are many other editing tools that i could also recommend for you.  PicResize will resize your photo for you. Keep in mind in ANY photo editor that if your picture is small and you want to make it MUCH bigger, as in, more that just a teeny bit, your image may appear distorted.  If you make any LARGER image smaller, you should be fine, although the writing, if any at all on it may be difficult to read, depending on how small you are making the image.

You could also use PicMonkey, which is also an online photo editor as well as smilebox.  They are all quite simple to use, although I suggest you pick the one that is most comfortable for you.

My name is Teresa Keiser, I am a mother of two children. My son is 22 and a special needs child and my daugher is 11.  I like to share with others my knowledge while working part time from home.

If you are interested in sharing things that you are passionate about or have a hobby or interest that you like to share with the world while making some extra money or a full time income, click here to get started today!

To your online success,

Teresa Keiser


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Can you really  "Have your cake and eat it too"???

In today's video I want to share some of my thoughts on how crazy life can get and turn us to believe things for so many years that aren't true.  You have the power to change your life.....yet many of you choose not to.

You see, it's not that you CAN'T its that you WON'TYes, you read this right.  Many of us crave success, and yet, we fail to understand that the only thing stopping you from success is YOU!

Growing up we are often "taught" certain behaviors.  As we grow up, we leave home, and out of HABIT without even knowing it, we tend to try to "re-create" what we had in our home environment growing up.

We are taught to "not act out of the ordinary" "eat all your vegetables" "get a good job" and so forth.


NOPE.  So, what is the worst thing that can happen if you eat the pie for breakfast?  I have never heard of anyone being disowned, looked down upon for eating pie for breakfast.  So, where am I truly going with all this?

I want you to think about what you REALLY want in life...then STOP.  I can promise you that IMMEDIATELY after that, you are already telling yourself all the reasons you cannot do it!  STOP IT RIGHT NOW!  All too often we hear people say I can't because ...blah blah blah" or "not right now because...." and its in that FIRST 5 seconds that this usally happens.  We put on our emergency brake and put all our dreams on hold for one excuse or another.

Let's try an excercise:

  • Get a pen and paper and write down what it is you WANT. This is the BIGGEST STEP.  If you don't know WHAT you want and it's not made will you ever acheive EXACTLY what you want?
  • Next, write down all your excuses why you can't do this and just get it out of your system...go ahead and do it right now.
  • On another piece of paper write down all the ways you CAN acheive what you want
  • Do you remember that list of reasons that you "couldn't" that I had you write out first?  RIP IT UP, AND SAY "I will do this no matter what, that's it PERIOD".

Now, go get your dreams and believe in yourself!  Tell yourself that you love yourself.  If you can't accept who you are, how will you expect anyone else to do so?  In the video below, you will hear me talk of a video I watched that literally changed the way I think, the way I see things, and so much more.  You will hear a bit of my past and also learn about me more in future videos as well.

Think about all the ways you CAN acheive whatever it is you want, and focus on THOSE THINGS!


Sharing my thoughts and motivating people seems to be a hidden passion of mine that I never really knew I had.  I grew up thinking I was never good enough, smart enough, etc. I didn't finish college, yet, I found a way to acheive the success I desire by choosing a different path in life.

I have the ability to create boundaries with people and know that it's ok to say no, and so,so much more.  Be sure to subscribe to my channel on YouTube to hear more of my stories to help you acheive your goals.


If you are a person ready to acheive your dreams and goals and you will not let anything stand in your way...check out the link here.  Personal development is important in life, and no, it's not crazy.  How do you expect to change in your life if you don't step out of your "comfort zone" and make a change?  You can't....that's exactly right.  CHANGE comes with the first step of CHOOSING to change, without excuses.

To your online sucess,


Teresa Keiser

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What is a Target Market?

Its a group of people that are interested in what you have to sell.

many people belive that everyone is their customer, this is not true.  You only want the people who have a need for the product or business opportunity you are offering.

Its a good idea to "categorize" your target market.  Example:  Single Mom, Single Dad, age, where they are located,  gender, lifestyle and a lot more.  This is very important to "Zero In" on your particular target market.

Doing this will save you tons of time and money!

If you are interested in learning more about this type of training, or more about becoming a better marketer online CLICK HERE for more information to be a part of my team.  This is not something you learn in school and it's VERY thorough.


To your online success,

Teresa Keiser



The income claims represented in this blog post are extraordinary and do not make a guarantee for your success or income level. Please see Empower Network's average affiliate earnings at:

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